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Transform the efficiency and reliability of your research with Beckman Coulter automated lab protocols. Discover protocol information and insights relevant to your application here.

3D клеточные культуры

Reliability from well to well

Drug discovery and therapeutic researchers are rapidly adopting 3D cell cultures for drug screening since they can provide a more physiologically relevant environment than two-dimensional cell cultures.  The Biomek family of automated workstations provides the same amount of pipetting control and reproducibility whether you are working in a 2D or 3D cell culture environment. From cell maintenance, to screening and cell-based assays, the end user has the ability to control cell handling for scaffold or scaffold free structure.

Программное обеспечение

At the heart of every Biomek is the software. Biomek software provides users with the confidence to know their samples are being treated consistently every run, and with every liquid transfer, the data from your samples is being stored. The intuitive, drag and drop user interface makes setting up and maintaining your workflows easy.  To meet the needs of your screening workflows, we also offer:
  • SAMI EX: designed to provide complete automation and process control by creating planned schedules with the benefits of an optimized, predictable static schedule
  • DART 2.0 (Data Acquisition and Reporting Tool): gathers data and synthesizes runtime information from Biomek log files to capture each manipulation of the sample during the course of the method
  • SAMI Process Management Software (SPMS): is a calendar organizational tool that allows the addition, monitoring, and planning of SAMI EX methods and other events as part of user-defined processes
  • PowerPack: features advanced tools to make programming data-intensive methods easy

Комплексные решения

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can transform Biomek liquid handlers into complete workflow solutions that optimize the efficiency, consistency, and reliability of your lab operations. From simple on-deck devices to complete robotic systems, we can develop custom, Biomek-based solutions by integrating Beckman Coulter and third-party instruments such as:
  • Bar code readers
  • Microplate centrifuges
  • Plate readers and imagers
  • Plate transport devices
  • Plate washers
  • Safety and bio-containment enclosures
  • Temperature Temperature-controlled storage
  • Tube handling – capping/decapping devices

Webinars & Symposiums

  • Advances in Cellular Automation

    Mike Kowalski, Ph.D. Staff Applications Scientist, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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    Cell culture and cellular applications have been and continue to be essential to medical and biological research. By automating these assays, researchers can reduce their time at the bench while processing more samples to accelerate discoveries...

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