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Клеточная сигнализация

Cell signaling is part of a complex communication system that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions including divison, differentiation, metabolism and death. Research indicates errors in intracellular processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity and diabetes.
The initiation of cell signaling pathways typically occurs when a cellular receptor binds cognate ligand. Subsequent pathway activation depends on the type of receptor activated by ligand binding. In some cases, ligand binding itself can result in transformational changes in the receptor whereas protein-to-protein interactions are induced as a result of a cellular receptor binding its cognate ligand. These protein-protein interactions are phosphorylation/dephosphorylation events that cascade associated signaling molecules through kinases and phosphatases. Themitogen-activated protein kinase pathways (MAPK) is one example that is known to alter cellular proliferation as a result of the downstream phosphorylation of signaling molecules.


Stain in a single step with PerFix-nc

With advanced intracellular staining chemistry that delivers excellent reproducibility PerFix-nc efficiently detects surface and intracellular antigens simultaneously with fewer or no wash steps.

Now available for in vitro diagnostic use in the United States and Canada, PerFix-nc carries both CE-IVD and IVD labeling, ensuring complete regulatory compliance.


Precise results in 45 minutes-or-less*

The PerFix-nc kit offers the fastest commercially available procedure for simultaneous detection of surface and intracellular antigens. Use PerFix-nc to lyse red blood cells and induce permeability in the cytoplasmic membrane of leukocytes for intra and extracellular staining in flow cytometry

We offer several hundred IVD and CE-IVD single-color reagents, multi-color cocktails, kits, assays and software to fit the needs of clinical customers from sample preparation to data analysis.

*Total time. Less than 15-minutes hands-on time.
intracellular staining

Simplified workload

  • Intracellular staining as simple as surface staining
  • No-centrifuge, no-wash procedure
  • Room temperature (no water bath or ice required)
  • Automation-ready
  • One kit, flexible protocols, multiple applications


Proven performance

  • No wash, less preparation for better reproducibility
  • Compatible with all Beckman Coulter dyes
  • Retains versatility with optional wash
  • Adapts to specific antigen detection requirements
  • Remarkable cell recovery and gate purity
  • Enhances signal-to-noise ratio for intracellular staining
Intracellular staining
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