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Мониторинг иммунной системы

Helping researchers address questions in cellular immunology

Monitoring cellular immune responses is a prerequisite for the development of cancer vaccines. Key objectives of immune monitoring include determining the efficacy of a vaccine to induce or augment a specific T-cell response as well as the role that regulatory B cells (BREGs) - a small subset of supressor cells - have on the development of T-cell responses.   

We offer a variety of tools and high-quality immune monitoring reagents and life sciences technologies designed to help researches enaance their understanding of the immune system, from B and T cells to molecular pathways.

Т-клетки человека

T cells are a diverse population of lymphocytes that work to structure appropriate cell-mediated immune responses. T cells are developed in the bone marrow and matured in the thymus where they undergo strict selection processes to confirm their recognition of foreign antigens. All T cells express either the alpha-beta heterodimeric T cell receptor (TCR) or the gamma-delta heterodimeric TCR. The TCR assigns antigen specificity and is essential for the role the T cell must play during the adaptive immune response.

The role of T cells must is broken down based on the phenotype and function of T cell subsets. There are several subsets each with a distinct function including the T helper, T cytolytic, T regulatory or gamma/delta T cells.

T regulatory cells are a subset of CD4 lymphocytes that are critical to maintain homeostasis. TREGS can affect immune cell homeostasis via several mechanisms including the production of cytokines and other secreted proteins, direct cell-mediated regulation and cytolytic activities.

B-клетки человека

B cells mediate the creation of antibodies to bind specifically to foreign antigens including bacteria and microbial toxins. B cells, along with T cells, respond to harmful pathogens and establish immunological memory within an organism. These cells are characterized by their expression of clonally diverse cell surface markers (“cluster of differentiation” or CD marker) and secreted immunoglobulin B cell receptor (BCR) molecules.

B-cell development is initiated in the fetal liver and in the bone marrow in adults; however, subsequent functional maturation occurs in secondary lymphoid tissue. Early in development, the pre-B cell receptor (pre-BCR) plays a pivotal role in assuring the continued maturation and survival of B cell progenitors.

Панели Duraclone IM

Standardize with the Experts using DuraClone IM Panels

  duraclone IM panels

Based on the ONE Study panels, expert flow cytometry labs have designed and optimized the marker and dye selections in DuraClone IM panels for use in clinical research studies.

Single-unit, dry-format reagent cocktails help minimize variability for studies carried out across multiple sites. DuraClone IM panels, each provided with specific compensation kits, standardize high-content flow for streamlined use in clinical research.

  • Available in convenient 25 test packs
  • Each pack includes three complete compensation kits including a single-colorset of compensation reagents (lot-matched tubes for tandem dyes) specific for each panel
PN Panels FITC PE ECD PC5.5 PC7 APC A647(4) A647(1) APC-
Pacific Blue** Krome Orange
B53309 DuraClone IM Phenotyping Basic Tube RUO - 25 tests CD16 CD56 CD19 CD14 CD4 CD8 CD3 CD45
B53318 DuraClone IM B cell Tube RUO - 25 tests IgD CD21 CD19 CD27 CD24 CD38 IgM CD45
B53328 DuraClone IM T cell subsets Tube RUO - 25 tests CD45RA CCR7 CD28 PD1 CD27 CD4 CD8 CD3 CD57 CD45
B53351 DuraClone IM Dendritic cell Tube RUO - 25 tests CD16 Lineage§ CD1c CD11c Clec9A CD123 HLA-DR CD45
B53340 DuraClone IM TCRs Tube RUO - 25 tests TCRγδ TCRαβ HLA-DR TCRVδ1 CD4 CD8 CD3 TCRVδ2 CD45
B53346* DuraClone IM Treg Tube RUO - 25 tests CD45RA CD25 CD39 CD4 FoxP3 CD3 Helios CD45
B88651* DuraClone IM Granulocytes Tube RUO - 25 tests CD294 CD16 CD33 CD11b CD274
Lineage CD62L CD15 CD45
Available in July 2015. The Final configuration of the product is subject to change until the launch of the product.
§ CD3 / CD19 / CD20 / CD14 / CD56
1 Alexa Fluor* 700
3 APC-Alexa Fluor* 750
† CD3 / CD14 / CD19 / CD56
2 APC-Alexa Fluor* 700
4 Alexa Fluor* 647

DuraClone IM Phenotyping Basic Tube

DuraClone IM Phenotyping Basic Tube

DuraClone IM Phenotyping Basic Tube delineates principal lymphocyte subsets as well as subpopulations of monocytes.


DuraClone IM B Cell Tube

DuraClone IM B Cell Tube

DuraClone IM B Cell tube allows for identification of late maturation stages of B cells, such as: transitional stage, Isotype class switch, naive and memory stages.


DuraClone IM T Cell Subsets Tube

DuraClone T Cell Subsets Tube

DuraClone IM T Cell subsets tube indicates maturation stages of T cells, covering naive, effector, memory and terminal differentiation stages.

DuraClone IM Dendritic Cell Tube

DuraClone IM Dendritic Cell Tube

DuraClone IM Dendritic Cell Tube discriminates leukocyte-lineage positive cells and identifies plasmacytoid dendritic cells and 3 major subsets of myeloid dendritic cells.


DuraClone IM TCRs Tube

DuraClone IM TCRs

DuraClone IM TCRs Tube allows for assessment of TCR αβ and γδ protein chain expression and to detect Vδ1+ and Vδ2+ subsets among TCRγδ+ T cells.


DuraClone IM Treg Tube

DuraClone IM Treg

DuraClone IM Treg tube enables identification and characterization of FoxP3+ regulatory T cells using a fast permeabilization protocol.


DuraClone IM Granulocytes Tube

DuraClone IM Granulocytes Tube

DuraClone IM Granulocytes Tube identifies major granulocyte subpopulations including assessment of CD11b, CD16, CD62L and PD-1L (CD274) co-expression.

For Research Use Only.


Streamline your procedures with PerFix-nc

With advanced intracellular staining chemistry for superior reproducibility, PerFix-nc is designed to detect surface and intracellular antigens simultaneously with fewer or no wash steps. Now available for in vitro diagnostic use in the United States and Canada, PerFix-nc carries both CE-IVD and IVD labeling, ensuring complete regulatory compliance.               

Results you can trust in 45 minutes or less*

The PerFix-nc kit offers the fastest commercially available procedure for simultaneous detection of surface and intracellular antigens. Use PerFix-nc to lyse red blood cells and induce permeability in the cytoplasmic membrane of leukocytes for intra- and extracellular staining for flow cytometry analysis.

We offer several hundred IVD and CE-IVD single-color reagents, multi-color cocktails, kits, assays and software to fit the needs of clinical customers from sample preparation to data analysis.

*Total time.  Less than 15-minutes hands-on time.

Optimal staining for major intracellular markers MPO, CD79a, TdT, Kappa, Lambda and more

Whole Blood sample Bone Marrow sample
CD45-Krome Orange
CD45-Krome Orange - Whole Blood sample CD45-Krome Orange - Bone Marrow sample
MPO-FITC - Whole Blood sample MPO-FITC - Bone Marrow sample
CD3-ECD / CD79a-PE
CD3-ECD / CD79a-PE - Whole Blood sample CD3-ECD / CD79a-PE - Bone Marrow sample

Get the most intracellular inforation with PerFix-nc optimized for Leukemia and Lymphoma diagnostics.

Simplified workload

  • Intracellular staining as simple as surface staining
  • No-centrifuge, no-wash procedure
  • Room temperature (no water bath or ice required)
  • Automation-ready
  • One kit, flexible protocols, multiple applications

Proven performance

  • No wash, less prep for better  reproducibility
  • Compatible with all Beckman Coulter dyes
  • Retains versatility, with optional wash
  • Adapts to specific antigen detection requirements
  • Remarkable cell recovery and gate purity
  • Enhanced signal-to-noise ratio for intracellular staining

Flexible protocols for major clinical applications requiring intracellular staining

Example of Kappa/Lambda staining

Example of Kappa/Lambda staining

Excellent discrimination of Kappa-positive versus Lambda-positive cells

Low Fix Wash PerFix-nc procedure on whole blood sample. Staining with Lambda-PE and Kappa-FITC.

Example of Intracellular TdT staining on normal and pathological blood samples

Normal blood sample Pathological blood sample
Example of Intracellular TdT staining

Easy detection of challenging intracellular antigens

Low Fix No Wash PerFix-nc procedure on normal and pathological blood samples. Staining with TdT-FITC.

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