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Transform the efficiency and reliability of your research with Beckman Coulter automated lab protocols. Discover protocol information and insights relevant to your application here.

Исследование наночастиц

Automate your nanoparticle research with Beckman Coulter

Leverage the power of flow cytometry for the detection and characterization of cellular origin nanoparticles

Interest in nanoparticles of cellular origin is exploding due to new insights into the role these particles play in extracellular communication processes and the potential for detecting pathological states via liquid biopsy.
Several fundamental capabilities of flow cytometry make this an attractive platform for extracellular vesicle research including the ability to detect large numbers of events and discriminate rare events while collecting information on surface composition. 

Recent developments in laser and electronics design pushed the boundaries of reliably detecting events in the nanoparticle size range. The CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer is the first benchtop instrument with acceptable noise-to-signal discrimination for the reliable detection of particles down to 200 nm and even 150 nm with additional setup.



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